11⁰⁰ Durgaji Hatha Yoga

Once a week we teach the way of Durgaji‘s morning practice. This is part of the Teacher Training and is also practiced in the monthly workshops. The class will always be the same and is not directed towards learning more positions or variations but to learning more about yourself, observing who you are at the moment and enjoying the being in the present.

We are starting with breathing exercises and a mantra, then we will go into Asana (Position) practice. You are encouraged to learn the structure for the class so that you can repeat it in case you are alone and no teacher is present.

As an external participant you are encouraged to visit the class and give what you think is respectful to support the teacher. Please do note that this class starts in silence and you are asked to not talk until the class has started or during the class.

Please register in advance for each session with Noah so that we can prepare a mattress for you. If you are late for the class, please enter quietly and join the at that time.


Jan 28 2023


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


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