Book your own time at the studio for your private use

Attention: between 18.12. and 7.1. only bookings from people who have already received an introduction to the room will be accepted. In order to get a first booking during this time, a meeting in the studio is required before 18.12.2023. We ask for your understanding.

You can use the Studio for your private use while no courses are happening. You can do your training, rehearse or practice in silence. If there is no time slot that fits for your purpose please contact us, we can make it happen!


You can chose how much you can and want to give according to your own capabilities. You agree to take responsibility for leaving the space clean and report any damage that you cause or see.


If you book the studio and choose for any reason to cancel the booking less then 48 before start we ask you to make a compensating donation for our effort.


It is mandatory to meet Noah from the studio to talk about how it is organized, how it runs and what is to be done to keep it accessible in this way.

Access to the space is guaranteed by someone from the house and the doors will be opened for you remotely when you arrive. Please read and agree to our basis of operation before booking the studio.


You can

  • bring flyers/etc and put them on the counter
  • announce yourself with chalk on our board (we can also do this for you)
  • send us pictures+text, then we will spread it on our Instagram channel and add it to our website calendar
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The Space


The space is big enough for 10-20 people depending on the activity.


The community space has a full kitchen and a calm, relaxing atmosphere.


Having a fire in the oven provides an especially cozy warmth in the winter.


Flexible separation of room allows for a wide variety of events and activities.


We can easily fit 15-25 people in the community space.

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