Basis of Operation

Focus on the sharing of knowledge

The sharing of knowledge is the center of our decisions and practice. It is the primary objective and basis of operation of the studio.


No smoking, no drugs or alcohol, no sexual acts, no shoes, no sleepovers.

Exercise in giving & Free Price Policy

The space is provided by the Yogaji academy without asking for rent. We organize our practice around this concept of giving, working with the meaning of money as an exchange of values and questioning our socialization processes as well as the shame of free, monetary exchange.

In many places a paper decides how you value the presence and work of others. Here you are encouraged to think about how much money you give for everyday objects. How much you can give for this space and the teacher? Take your time and listen to your own reaction to your giving.

Full financial transparency

Participants decide for themselves how much they can pay for the classes. Participants decide for themselves how much they can pay for lessons. Similarly, trainers and external users decide at their own discretion how much they can give for the use of the room.

Recommended prices are explicitly not(!) announced on the spot. Monthly revenue and annual budget are published online including all expenses.

As a space that enables the facilitation of various practices and in respect of a patriachal, heteronormativ, sexist and racist society we want to be very clear about the following principles:

Regarding a free and true sexual/sensual consent

Know that this can never be totally given under the pressure of the collective and the eye of the public. As a consequence to avoid any disrespect to the physical, emotional integrity of someone we do not welcome activity that can be defined as sexual, dating, kinky, sensual no matter if you see them as intuitive, spiritual or else. We do have the highest love and respect for the body and want everyone to feel free and respected.

Regarding tantra

It is a middle age philosophy based on realizing the relation of the human with the cosmos and within themself. If you do see it as a sexual practice this is also not welcome in our studio.