KMG.Wien was formed in March 2022 by Julie Giacomini and Noah Essl as there was availability of and at the same time need for space. Space to move, space to grow, space to stay and to be. Space to practice without submerging into capitalist consumption and neoliberal self-perfection.

Most locations in Vienna have a high barrier of entrance, for students and for trainers. We try to remove that barrier by providing courses without a fixed price or price recommendation for the participants and access for trainers unconditional of their experience, practice and background as long as they keep our basis of operation.


We are a very dynamic group of 3 – 15 trainers meeting every month to discuss the workings of the studio.

We encourage responsibility, transparency and honesty and require engagement in the group of trainers. We try to organize the studio on a basis of consensual decisions.

We try to put effort into keeping the hierarchies in the organization as flat as possible although we try to balance or efforts and have that only as a secondary goal.


Our financial model is very experimental. All donations are collected by the trainers and at the end of the month they decide how much they can give to the studio. We also experiment with this system and change it if necessary or turn it completely upside down. In this way, we recognize our individual approach to money and can shape it.

In our monthly meetings we talk about money and also about what this money means to us and what feelings the handling of it leads us to.

We also try to cover the maintenance costs by providing the space for individual use on a donation basis.


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