A list of courses currently offered on a regular basis at KMG. Newcomers are welcome during the semester. In addition, there are also events, check the schedule for the latest information!

  • 07³⁰ Hatha Yoga

    07³⁰ Hatha Yoga

    In this morning session we move our whole body and start the day full of joy. We alternate between the morning practice of Durgaji and a freer Hatha Yoga practice.


  • 09⁰⁰ In-Balance – Stability from within

    09⁰⁰ In-Balance – Stability from within

    In this class we use exercises from Pilates and mental training to find stability within ourselves: Both in the body and in the mind. On a mental as well as physical level we strengthen our center and find connection to the earth. Through this we also learn a healthy way to deal with fear and pain. In the long run we increase our confidence in our own body and want to feel at home in it. 


  • 11⁰⁰ Durgaji Hatha Yoga

    11⁰⁰ Durgaji Hatha Yoga

    The class will always be the same and is not directed towards learning more positions or variations but to learning more about yourself, observing who you are at the moment and enjoying the being in the present.


  • 12³⁰ FLINTAQ* – Getting into contact impro

    12³⁰ FLINTAQ* – Getting into contact impro

    In this workshop series we explore the form of contact improvisation as beginners // with a beginner‘s body_mind. Through solo-, dyade-, tryade- and group exercises we playfully engage with practices and principles that are useful in CI (e.g. rolling, falling, weight sharing, contact points, listening …)


  • 13³⁰ FLINTAQ* Contact Impro Jam Session

    13³⁰ FLINTAQ* Contact Impro Jam Session

    This is an anarchist, queer-feminist FLINTAQ* Contact Impro Space. The jam space is open to exploring human.animal-contact at eye level,.


  • 16⁰⁰ Movement Improvisation

    16⁰⁰ Movement Improvisation

    With a lot of curiosity and a love of discovery we explore in the movement improvisation course among other things elements from contact improvisation, concepts of solo and group improvisation, contemporary dance, ideas from Rudolf Laban and the authentic movement approach. This creates works of art for the moment or material that we can continue working on and incorporate into short dance theater pieces.


  • 16³⁰ FLINTAQ* Exploring Expression

    16³⁰ FLINTAQ* Exploring Expression

    an empowering, queer-feminist space for FLINTAQ* people, in which we use different methods of somatics, dance, improvisation, and particularly the form of Authentic Movement to explore expression of and through our feeling, thinking, moving bodies.


  • 17⁰⁰ Writing Workshop

    17⁰⁰ Writing Workshop

    In 90 minutes we will dedicate ourselves to the connection between thoughts and emotions. 12 writing techniques – developed by Julie Sundara – will be our main focus.


  • 17³⁰ Shiatsu exercises – Do In – Makko Ho

    17³⁰ Shiatsu exercises – Do In – Makko Ho

    Open certain areas of the body, release tension, work deep into the organs. Shiatsu has positive effects on mood, sleep, digestion, circulation, nervous system and musculoskeletal system.


  • 18⁰⁰ Hatha Yoga – Armbalance

    18⁰⁰ Hatha Yoga – Armbalance

    Anusara inspired Hatha Yoga practice focusing on arm balance poses. Our aim is to practice Asanas to prepare for handstand and flying crow pose. A decent warmup prepares us for a challenging practice and a relaxing cool-down takes us home.


  • 19⁰⁰ Intuitive Dance

    19⁰⁰ Intuitive Dance

    In this intuitive dance class we explore and tickle our ability to be moved freely, calmly and confidently by the music. Sophie leads the space and inspires the group to connect with the elements – a number of things become palpable and may be released – the important thing is to let it all happen playfully.


  • 19⁰⁰ Silent Circle

    19⁰⁰ Silent Circle

    Once a month we gather to sit in silence for one hour for a practice called Silent Circle. Then we can share inspirational thoughts and have a light meal.Silence The circle is run by volunteers and organized independently.


  • 19³⁰ Capoeira

    19³⁰ Capoeira

    We train playing together in the traditional circle, the “roda”. This game includes fighting, dancing, acrobatics and musicality. Today, Capoeira is present in all walks of life and its practice is recognized for its historical and cultural value.


  • 19³⁰ Floorwork

    19³⁰ Floorwork

    In this weekly floorwork course we are rolling around, refining our movement perception, practicing in a group. There is no need for any prior experience, the session is open for all levels.


  • 19³⁰ Kinomichi

    19³⁰ Kinomichi

    Kinomichi  is a discipline of martial origin practiced smoothly and gently with a partner in order to make space around and within oneself.