A list of courses currently offered on a regular basis at KMG. Newcomers are welcome during the semester. In addition, there are also events, check the schedule for the latest information!

  • Breathwork & meditation – Kriya Jyoti Yoga

    Breathwork & meditation – Kriya Jyoti Yoga

    Kriya Jyoti Yoga is an ancient spiritual science that dissolves layers of old programming, catalyzes emotional healing and expands spiritual awareness through physiological processes, working directly with the nervous and endocrine systems 


  • Contact Improvisation

    Contact Improvisation

    With structured improvisation scores and input of technical aspects of contact improvisation Tom and Johanna will guide you though this class.


  • Durgaji Yoga regular practice

    Durgaji Yoga regular practice

    The class will always be the same and is not directed towards learning more positions or variations but to learning more about yourself, observing who you are at the moment and enjoying the being in the present.


  • FINTAQ* Exploring Expression – Authentic Movement

    FINTAQ* Exploring Expression – Authentic Movement

    an empowering, queer-feminist space for FINTAQ* people, in which we use different methods of somatics, dance, improvisation, and particularly the form of Authentic Movement to explore expression of and through our feeling, thinking, moving bodies.


  • FLINTAQ* Contact Impro Jam Session

    FLINTAQ* Contact Impro Jam Session

    This is an anarchist, queer-feminist FLINTAQ* Contact Impro Space. The jam space is open to exploring human.animal-contact at eye level,.


  • Gentle Holistic Yoga

    Gentle Holistic Yoga

    Holistic, traditional yoga is offered here. Sophie’s style of holistic yoga includes physical bodywork – Asana – but equally important to her are ancient Kundalini techniques, Pranayama, meditation as well as the Yogic Philosophy of Life – there is always a different focus because everything is in constant flux. Dare to feel and you will be rewarded with all-encompassing peace. “Come play on the mat.


  • Hatha Yoga – Armbalance

    Hatha Yoga – Armbalance

    Anusara inspired Hatha Yoga practice focusing on arm balance poses. Our aim is to practice Asanas to prepare for handstand and flying crow pose. A decent warmup prepares us for a challenging practice and a relaxing cool-down takes us home.


  • In-Balance – Stability from inside

    to be announced


  • Introduction to Tibetan Yoga – Tsa-Lung

    Introduction to Tibetan Yoga – Tsa-Lung

    From September to the end of November there is the possibility to get an insight into the Tibetan Yoga, called Tsa -Lung. We learn breathing and physical exercises, meditation instructions, Buddhist philosophy and mantras. The Tibetan Yoga (Tsalung) taught here works with the subtle body and is an aspect of the Drikung Kagyu lineage of… Continue reading Introduction to Tibetan Yoga – Tsa-Lung


  • Intuitive Dance

    Intuitive Dance

    In this intuitive dance class we explore and tickle our ability to be moved freely, calmly and confidently by the music. Sophie leads the space and inspires the group to connect with the elements – a number of things become palpable and may be released – the important thing is to let it all happen playfully.


  • Laughter yoga

    Laughter yoga

    Laughter is healthy! It effectively affects the body and psyche. We are more relaxed and do not take our thoughts so seriously, HaHaHa. That’s why we actively choose to laugh in Laughter yoga.


  • Movement Improvisation

    Movement Improvisation

    With a lot of curiosity and a love of discovery we explore in the movement improvisation course among other things elements from contact improvisation, concepts of solo and group improvisation, contemporary dance, ideas from Rudolf Laban and the authentic movement approach. This creates works of art for the moment or material that we can continue working on and incorporate into short dance theater pieces.


  • Queer motion

    Queer motion

    This is a hold space for queer motion and bodies, to move and rest, to connect and to charge. We will use gentle Yoga movements, meditation and breath work to move our bodies and minds and eventually work on allowing ourselves to feel what there is to feel.


  • Silent Circle

    Silent Circle

    Once a month we gather to sit in silence for one hour for a practice called Silent Circle. Then we can share inspirational thoughts and have a light meal.Silence The circle is run by volunteers and organized independently.


  • Soft Acrobatics – Dance Acrobatics

    Soft Acrobatics – Dance Acrobatics

    In this set of classes, we are going to explore foundations of dance acrobatics – rolls, bridges, cartwheels, jumps and balances – and combine them with influences from contemporary and breakdance.


  • Teacher Training with Durgaji

    Teacher Training with Durgaji

    Yogaji and KMG.Wien will cooperate in 2022/2023 for a 200 hour Teacher Training which will happen on a selected weekend each month. Durgaji and KMG.Wien will cooperate in 2022/2023 for a 200h Teacher Training which will happen on a selected weekend each month. The training is certified by Yoga Alliance and will be finished with a 5 day immersion at Durgaji’s beautiful Ashram in 2023.


  • Writing Workshop

    Writing Workshop

    In 90 minutes we will dedicate ourselves to the connection between thoughts and emotions. 12 writing techniques – developed by Julie Sundara – will be our main focus.