Free price policy – you choose the price for your course

We offer for most of the courses that you chose the prize yourself. We do have to pay the costs of the building and we live in a world where everyone has to pay for rent and food. It would be unfair to ask the same prize from everyone as much as to just not give anything. Everyone has a different financial background and we want to pay respect to that. That’s why we decided for a free price policy for our students.

Please give if you can and please do not stop from coming here because you think you can not afford it. Together we can make everything possible!

In day-to-day operations, we cannot live on handouts, but hope that free prices will lead to fair prices.

This can work if free prices are understood as a way of consciously dealing with the possibilities and needs of participants and facilitators.

If you are struggling with how to choose your price we provide you with help:

How much …

  • do you earn per hour of work?
  • do you pay for a meal?
  • do you expend for coffee and sweet drinks?
  • would you like to earn per hour of work?
  • do you give for a snack around the corner?

Let these questions go through your mind for a minute and take the following references to understand what it means to us when you give as a participant:

  • less then 5€ probably just covers the cost of the room, nothing for the teacher
  • 5-10€ covers the room and some change for the teacher
  • 10-15€ room and teacher definitely covered
  • more then 15€ covers for someone else with less money then you

If you wish, we can accept payment for the whole semester in advance. Please pay with cash.