17¹⁵ Somatic Friday

Somatic movements – including yoga and dance – to awaken and move the pelvic floor and uterus – for those who have one – to strengthen this area where so much energy resides. A mix of active as well as quiet practice.

The schedule of the classes will vary (in accordance with the quality of the day or the season), we will work on different themes (e.g. the elements, reflections or the cave). The focus will be on the pelvic floor and the basic tension and relaxation of the muscular system – to invite a flow.

Inspired by travelling, Yoga Nidra, somatic movements and dance.

Feel free to write me in case you have any questions or beforehand with special requests or information I should know. 

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Dec 15 2023


17:15 - 18:45


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Kleine Möhrengasse 6-8, 1020 Wien