19⁰⁰ Silent Circle

There are so many reasons to be loud. There are many reasons to shout. And as much noise as there is out there everywhere, we need to shout really loud. And for that we need strength, which we can find here.

For those who want to take a deep breath and take the time, every first Thursday of the month there is the opportunity to sit in our studio in the cool basement and let the silence come.

This is not necessarily a feel-good event, as looking inward can also reveal painful things. For this there is a framework for conversation afterwards or also the possibility to retreat to another room if needed.

We come together in silence and sit down. The hour begins with one sound. It ends with three sounds. Then everyone from the circle is invited to share a word about the thoughts that have arisen.

At the end of the evening, the organizers offer dinner, which is taken in silence or in quiet conversation. Afterwards, participants who are able to stay can talk with each other in a smaller setting.

Cost: Donation for food and space
Registration: via email for planning the dinner


Apr 01 2023


Open end for dinner
19:00 - 22:00


Donation for food and space