17³⁰ Shiatsu exercises – Do In – Makko Ho

Special stretches open up certain regions of the body, release tension in the tissues and muscles, and work deep into the organs. The energy channels (meridians) are activated, body tissues are better supplied with blood and stimulate the self-healing powers. The Shiatsu exercises have positive effects on mood, sleep, digestion, immune system, circulation, nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

An intensive feeling into your own body strengthens self-awareness and the awareness of which exercise fits you at the moment. The simple exercises are performed standing, sitting and lying down and can be integrated into daily life.

The Makko Ho are the 6 basic meridian exercises of Shiatsu. With each exercise a meridian pair is stretched. By practicing the exercises, the Ki flow in the meridians and organs is stimulated and harmonized. Blockages that can cause illness are released, resulting in a sense of well-being, relaxation and serenity.

The conscious execution of the exercises plays an essential role. Movement and breathing should form a unity in the Do In.

The series of exercises offered by me was developed by Anneliese Haidinger, in the Shiatsu School Kiatsu, in many years of research, with the greatest care and attention to detail from the classical Do In exercises.