17⁰⁰ Writing Workshop

In 90 minutes we will dedicate ourselves to the connection between thoughts and emotions.

12 writing techniques – developed by Julie Sundara – will be our main focus.

Each writing technique is associated with a geometric shape as well as an emotion and serves as a tool to get to know our thought patterns to the respective emotions, to observe them and to transform them if necessary. This process can support to stabilize the connection between thoughts (mostly protection mechanisms or learned patterns) and feelings (intuition and honesty), to bring them back into the flow, to get to know the self.

We open and close the space with different breathing techniques and meditations to arrive in the here and now and manifest the new information.

I will introduce you to one writing technique per session and give you instructions on how to practice it on your own at home. This is because my philosophy is that each person can heal themselves once they have found the methods and ways to be honest with themselves and the outside world that are right for them.

I do not understand healing as a linear process with an end goal, but rather as an expansion of the self, that is, a coming to know oneself.

The course is not building up, drop-ins are welcome! Feel free to bring your notebooks/diaries. Pens and paper will be provided.

7.10. Fear Eliminator – makes the fears visible and transforms them into strengths, brings you into the moment of presence

14.10. Gratitude Alchemy – activates the feeling of gratitude and reveals in which connections the feeling of guilt is still active.

21.10. Hexagram Loneliness – transforms the feelings of loneliness and related fears into strengths and stops the negative spiral of thoughts.

10.28. <canceled>

4.11. Diamond Activation – helps illuminate the chaos of the thought carousel and bring focus to what is essential

11.11. Subconscious Drop-Stop – a quick tool to stop the negative thought spiral and step back into power.

18.11. Pyramid Power – this technique is to be applied to shame/guilt/jealousy, revealing the origins and thus transforming them into strengths.

25.11. Gifts & Talents – a reminder of what is already there and how it could be used.

2.12. <canceled>

9.12. Faces of Relationship – helps release mental/emotional/energetic blocks in interpersonal connections.

16.12. Subconscious Reprogrammer – makes the origin of blockages visible why wishes and dreams have “not yet” been achieved and brings solution approaches how they could be realized.

23.12. <canceled>

If you have any questions in advance, feel free to contact me.
Looking forward to seeing you!


Dec 09 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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