16⁰⁰ Movement Improvisation

With a lot of curiosity and a love of discovery, we explore, among other things, elements from contact improvisation, concepts of solo and group improvisation, contemporary dance, ideas from Rudolf Laban and the authentic movement approach in the movement improvisation course. This creates works of art for the moment or material that we can continue working on and incorporate into short dance theater pieces.

What moves outside, what moves me inside? – To move – to be moved. Which movements do I feel comfortable with and which ones challenge me? Expressing yourself in the group and exchanging ideas with the group is central to this class and offers us material that we will continue to deal with in dance. Together we create a space in which we can research and discover without judgment.

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Dec 07 2022


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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Kleine Mohrengasse 6-8, 1020 Wien