19⁰⁰ Intuitive Dance

In this intuitive dance class we explore and tickle our ability to be moved freely, calmly and confidently by the music. Sophie leads the space and inspires the group to connect with the elements – a number of things become palpable and may be released – the important thing is to let it all happen playfully. No one needs to be ashamed, we are all here to celebrate the uniqueness of each but also the connection with each other. Our souls want to dance – the cosmos is calling.

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The building blocks of this unit result from the work with the 4 elements. Intuitively, however, I often choose other clues to work with if you wish. Our earthly physical body is made up of these elements as well as stardust and a lot of space – so “Space” 🙂

The idea of working with the name “Cosmos” comes from my Polish roots and for me denotes a magical state. The expression of a feeling to which we have permanent access. With this feeling I invite you to connect in the lessons. The connection to yourself as well as to the collective is the feeling we want to “dance”.

The idea

We allow ourselves to be guided by intuition and achieve a kind of formlessness through our body by training ourselves to dance with our soul and let the music move us instead of the other way around. Arrive and stretch. We want to inspire you to allow and tickle out moves that are unfamiliar and to learn that no move that comes along is ugly, uncool, embarrassing or wrong. We want to let go of norms and become more self-confident. We want to be able to stand up for ourselves and celebrate the fact that everyone is so unique and so beautiful in some way. It is always true, be yourself because you are great!

The Process

– We start with a warm up to loosen up the body and the voice and make it more free.

– This is followed by the beginning of the music which has been put together by me passionately and with a lot of feeling, the movement through the elements begins. I guide you through the process and speak often. My voice is pleasant and loving.

– Finally, we lie down on the floor and usually let a song work on us to process everything and let go completely.

– Intuitively I then feel what could still fit in the respective group and we then have a small exchange about well-being or feedback or the like.

You can end the evening by hanging out for a while in our kitchen lounge. You can take the cosmic feeling home with you. Everyone is welcome, because everyone is an important part of the whole. No previous experience is necessary, just the willingness to be curious 🙂 I am looking forward to meeting you.

“Infinite potential lies in all of us”



Mar 31 2023


19:00 - 21:00


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Kleine Mohrengasse 6-8, 1020 Wien