19³⁰ Floorwork

To give things a name, this weekly class is called Floorwork. As it happens, the Studio has a really nice wooden floor. Rolling around, refining your movement perception, practicing in a group – it doesn’t matter what motivates you to join. There is no need for any prior experience, the session is open for all levels.

The class is part of a group training that deals with movement in general. Topics and content vary throughout the year. My practice is strongly based on the work of my teacher Joseph Bartz and thrives on my everlasting involvement with movement and a certain passion to play.


Focus for this session on Thursday is moving close to the floor. We dedicate ourselves to the three levels crawling, sitting and lying. We practice positions and movement patterns, build sequences and work towards free movement. It is in the nature of this process that we develop our mobility, our strength
and our balance and that the perception of our body changes.


There is deliberately no predefined structure to the session. There is structure to the class and to the training. But keeping that structure variable is part of the practice. There are simply too many ways a class can flow to limit it to just one.

It is definitely close to my heart to create a safe space where the joy of doing is high on the agenda

Registration with me via e-Mail

Since we will at times also be rolling and sliding over the floor, I recommend to wear long pants and something long-sleeved for the session.


Feb 06 2023


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Free price policy