17⁰⁰ FLINTAQ* Exploring Expression

Exploring Expression is an empowering, queer-feminist space for FLINTAQ* people, in which we use different methods of somatics, dance, improvisation, and particularly the form of Authentic Movement to explore expression of and through our feeling, thinking, moving bodies.

Together we create a trusting, open, power-critical field, in which we move and play with questions such as “What do I/ we/ some of us want to express (in this space / in our lives)?”, “Where is my desire / preference / curiosity today, where is it situated in my body and how does it want to be shown outwardly?”, “When/ Where / What do I feel inhibited to express (myself) fully and how can I overcome that?” … and give space to whatever arises.

Structure of the class

The first half hour of the class is an open arrival space. We usually start with a check-in to get a feeling for what is present in the group field. From there I guide the group into a warm-up and playful scores and exercises – sometimes emergent and improvised from the sharing, sometimes I prepare a specific theme.

At the core of the class is the form of Authentic Movement, which originated in the field of dance therapy. The form invites (part of ) the group to move and express themselves through body and voice with their eyes closed for a set amount of time while being witnessed, and later-on share these experiences verbally. After this segment, we check in to see what needs are present in the group – touch, further expression, a cool down, a check-out… Even though the class is facilitated, I consider it a fluid, open, co-creative space.

Before attending the class for the first time, please send me an email to let me know whether you have previous experience in Authentic Movement. Generally the group is organized via Signal, and I can add you to the group upon request.

Limited amount of participants
Registration: contact Levi directly via e-Mail in case of interest to participate.
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Language: English / German

* women, inter, non-binary, trans*gender, agender, queergender only


Apr 04 2023


17:00 - 19:30


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Kleine Mohrengasse 6-8, 1020 Wien