17⁰⁰ easy magic (Authentic Movement)

easy magic is an empowering, queer-feminist space, in which we use different body-based methods to explore expression of and through our feeling, thinking, sensing, moving bodies, and discover the ease and magic of being held in our expression by a caring community.

Together we create a trusting, open, power-critical field, in which we move and play with questions such as “What do I/ we/ some of us want to express (in this space / in our lives)?”, “Where is my desire / preference / curiosity / need / boundary today, where is it situated in my body and how does it want to be shown outwardly?”, “When/ Where / What do I feel inhibited to express (myself) fully and how can I hold / overcome that (with the support of others)?” … and give space to whatever arises. We practice expressing ourselves clearly, candidly, caringly, creatively, while remaining considerate of our impacts on the collective.

The space is centered around the practice of Authentic Movement, in which we express what arises within through our bodies and voices, while being witnessed by someone else. Other methods include somatics, contact- & movement improvisation, bodywork, and non-violent communication.

>> In uneven weeks, the group is only accessible to people identifying as FLINTAQ (women, lesbian, inter, trans, non-binary, agender, genderqueer, genderquestioning), in order to acknowledge various societal, structural and internalized factors that might inhibit the possibilities / capabilities of expression for some. This concept works on a base of trust – no one showing up will be asked to identify themselves.

>> In even weeks, it is an all-gender learning space, in which we attempt to shape the culture we want to live in and move past separations, through our expression as well as our holding what arises together.

Structure of the session
Half an hour before the session is an open arrival space. We usually start with a check-in to get a feeling for what is present in the group field. From there I guide the group into a warm-up and playful scores and exercises – sometimes emergent and improvised from the sharing, sometimes I prepare a specific theme. At the core of the session is the form of Authentic Movement, which originated in the field of dance therapy. The form invites (part of) the group to move and express themselves through body and voice with their eyes closed for a set amount of time while being witnessed, and later-on share these experiences verbally. After this segment, we check in to see what needs are present in the group – touch, further expression, a cool down, a check-out… Even though the space is organized and facilitated by me, I consider it a fluid, open, co-creative space we hold together.

Limited amount of participants
Registration: before attending for the first time, contact Levi directly via email – then you can join the Signal group.
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Language: English / German


Oct 03 2023


17:00 - 19:30


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