16⁰⁰ Contemporary Dance & Improvisation

Open Level / Drop In

This contemporary dance course aims to get us moving and to stimulate our creativity. We will react to our environment with our dance and we will interact with each other through practical exercises and movement qualities.

In the warm-up we will mobilize the spine and the joints to become more aware of our own bodies. We will continue with guided improvisations to find new possibilities within our own movement language and to open our gaze to our surroundings.

In the second part we will learn short movement sequences on the floor and in an upward position. As an additional tool we will work with the voice. It enables us to dare difficult movements and basic acrobatic elements with more ease and also to let the breath flow. There is nothing to fulfill, no right or wrong. We dance as individuals in a shared space and besides that, there is enough space for reflection and exchange.

It is my concern to create an open and respectful framework in which we can find joy in experimentation and movement. Good support for all participants is important to me, questions and concerns are always welcome.

I look forward to training with you!

Info and registration via mail: ten.x1702171320mg@re1702171320nuaz.1702171320hanna1702171320h1702171320
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Dec 11 2023


16:00 - 17:30


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Hannah & Manuela


Hannah & Manuela

Hanna: Dancer and Performer                                                       Manuela Deac: Dancer and Performer