Kinomichi Trainer with a student

19⁰⁰ Kinomichi

Kinomichi is an evolution of Aikido that integrated elements from dance and other somatic practices (e.g Feldenkrais, Eutony and holistic gymnastic) in order to facilitate contact, circulation of energy and a calm relationship with one’s own body as well as a partner’s. The practice explores spiral movements, a large use of space, and a welcoming and joyful relationship to one another.
The traditional martial approach is softened, fluidified, strongly energized, and works for the rooting, the opening and the mutual construction of the partners.

Kinomichi is for everyone without prerequisites.

Every lesson is following guidelines to ensure a fast and efficient learning curve, and yet every lesson is different. All lessons include a warm-up.
Students will learn to move, contact a partner and interact with the space in a dynamic and playful way.
Comfortable clothes in which it is easy to move are necessary.

Please register for the course with Jonas by email.


Jun 01 2023


19:00 - 20:30


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